Our cases and commentary frequently receive media attention. Here are recent examples:  

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, June 11, 2019: “Changes needed to end ‘unconscious bias’ in hiring at Ontario’s Southlake Regional Health Centre, review says”

CBC, June 3, 2019: “Why this Toronto case about constitutional rights could set a legal precedent”

TORONTO STAR, May 31, 2019: “Supreme Court blasts arrest of racialized man, overturns his gun and drug convictions”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, May 31, 2019: “Supreme Court says Toronto police breached Charter in minority search case”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, January 31, 2019: “Ontario emergency room chief who hired no women for 16 years resigns amid discrimination probe”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, December 16, 2018: “Scrubbed: Ontario emergency room chief faces questions about failing to hire any female doctors in 16 years”

CANADIAN LAWYER, November 12, 2018: “Support builds in effort to stop closure of pro bono centres”

LAW TIMES, October 15, 2018: “Labour law changes to impact lawyers, clients”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, October 12, 2018: “Supreme Court being asked to tell Toronto police to respect rights of minorities in Tom Le case”

CANADIAN LAWYER, October 10, 2018: “Is review of Ontario labour legislation first 'shot across the bow'?”

TORONTO STAR, October 9, 2018: “Toronto police officers can’t use cannabis within 28 days of working”

LAW TIMES, September 10, 2018:  “Case on privacy rights headed to SCC”

FINANCIAL POST, July 4, 2018: “Quite frantic: Employers are scrambling to address the issue of marijuana in the workplace”

CBC, June 28, 2018: "Why Sarah Huckabee Sanders would have no trouble getting a meal in D.C. — or Quebec"

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, April 23, 2018: “Judge urges court to consider racism against black Canadians when sentencing”

TORONTO STAR, April 23, 2018: “Racism should factor in sentencing of Black offenders, judge rules”

TORONTO STAR, March 27, 2018: “Ontario judge urged to adopt new way of sentencing Black Offenders”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, March 26, 2018: “Lawyers ask judge to declare African-Canadians deserve special consideration in sentencing, like Indigenous people”

CANADIAN LAWYER, March 6, 2017: "Labour Law Overhaul"

CBC, November 24, 2016: "Free to do whatever they want: Why universities can punish students for off-campus behaviour"

FINANCIAL POST, June 23, 2016: "Halifax doctor wins $1.4 million jury award in defamation case"

CANADIAN LAWYER, April 22, 2016: "Canadian tea retailer’s on-call practices questioned in N.Y."

CANADIAN LAWYER, March 16, 2016: "CHCH restructuring raises questions about under-capitalized companies"

GLOBAL NEWS, November 3, 2015: "Why was Hydro One worker in FHRITP incident rehired?"

CANADIAN LAWYER, November 2, 2015: "Retail’s labour challenge"

FINDLAW, July 28, 2015:  "Google case highlights employee salary discussions"

LAW TIMES, March 16, 2015:  "SCC Issues Ruling on Indefinite Suspensions"

LAW TIMES, January 26, 2015:  "LAO lawyers see promise in RCMP ruling"